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About us

With over a decade in the equestrian market, managing the international development of companies such us ´Fuegos Sagrados´ and ´Miguel Acuña Saddlery´, two firms based on purely handmade processes for the manufacturing of high quality products, we decided to create our own firm called ´Monturas Argentinas´ as a response to the market demands.

We are a boutique factory where the handcraft converges with hi-tech that permits embroidery and stamping in leather as well as in fabrics, creating unique products jointly developed with our customers.

We currently have in company manufacturing of saddles and leather accessories such as bridles, knee pads and boots, among other equestrian products. At the same time we deployed a textile area, with a fully in-house dressmaking process (cutting, sewing, stamping, and embroidering). This grants us with outsourcing independence that is translated into the high quality of service and time response provided to our customers.

Our customers imagine and we make it happen, is our motto.